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We are pleased to announce the introduction of the revolutionary Trampoline Mobility System, the "Trampalong" !

Now you can move your trampoline about the yard with ease using our Trampoline Wheels and Trampoline Accessories.

Features of Trampoline Wheels:

  • Wheels always attached and ready to move

  • Trampoline Wheels shift easily into place

  • These Trampoline Accessories are Easy to install

  • Comes in a set of 4

  • Customization is available.

Advantages of Trampoline Wheels:

  • Anyone that can cut the grass will be able to move the trampoline with the trampalong wheels

  • Move the Trampoline regularly to avoid the grass beneath from thinning, dying and being replaced by weeds from a lack of sun

  • No more bugging the neighbor to help move the trampoline so you can cut the grass under and around the trampoline.

Benefits of Trampoline Wheels:

  • Save yourself time

  • No more headaches

  • Continue to keep your lawn the envy of the neighbourhood.